Thursday, September 19, 2013

1,000 KM!! :D

I did it!

My 1000 KM Goal!
I finished the 1,000 KM run as part of my New Year Resolution this year.

Honestly, I was really doubtful when setting this goal (and that's why I never put it as part of my official New Year Resolution. haha) 1,000 KM means approx. 100km on a monthly basis, which means approx. 20km every week (after including all the breaks where I run 0 km for the whole week).

I gained momentum quite late in Feb, and has subsequently make it a habit to run around 4km every day. Did my last KM today at Labrador Park - my first jogging place which hooked me up to jog until now.

Thanks Run Keeper for being such a reliable tracker. Thanks Fitness First for all the treadmill hours and free T-shirt (I would have died washing all those sweaty shirt)

I celebrated the achievement by gulping off 1 full moon cake + 1 huge portion of Briyani. 9pm at night.

Need to find a new goal soon to maintain my eating lifestyle :p

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