Friday, September 20, 2013

Boarding Star Cruise Virgo with Elderies!

I went for Star Cruise Virgo last Jan. Never thought I will go back to Star Cruise again so soon! And this time, for free!.. I mean, charity.

The objective of the event is to give a taste of cruise to underprivileged elderly. Each of us is paired with one elderly, and it's our full responsibility to take care of them throughout the journey. I participated in events with kids before, but it's my first time with elderies. I'm a bit concerned for some obvious reason - If kid fell down, the max they will cry. But if senior citizen fell down... I don't want to imagine. I just need to put more protection around them!!! I screened through their profiles and OMG... some are really... seniors. Mostly were born in 193x!

The show must go on, so I proceed anyway and praying hard that whoever came with me would have the strength and patience to survive me XD We gathered at the Harborfront bus terminal at 12pm. All the elderies arrived at around 1pm, and we onboarded the ship at 2pm.

The voluenteer @ the bus terminal waiting for elders
Bunch of elderies and volunteers waiting to onboard the ship
My partner! Born in 193x. She said I'm pretty and she liked me. I was so happy until I realized that she actually said it to every random person we met ^^;
We proceed to Lido Theater after we boarded the ship - felt so nostalgic! We watched "Somewhere in Time" where I vividly remembered were played during the last night of cruise. One of the best performances ever.

The glittery Lido Theatre. I sat so close!
And yes, I remember this awesome show!
After the show, we proceed to Bella Vista for high tea. One of my favourite restaurant! They didn't serve buffet, but the selection of food was good enough - think there were at least 10 types of meal there. And they did choose those small bites which can be easily eaten by the elderies. Appreciate the thoughts.

It's nice of them to put our logo in the screen, despite the wrong spelling :x
An elegantly served high-tea
After high tea, we went for a quick tour of the ship, and it was soon enough time to say good bye. The tour was quite short, but it was enough to give a taste of how cruise like. I really appreciate the star cruise staff who worked extra hours, did extra performances, cooked extra meal, all to serve us, that too with an unwavering smile. By the team we off-board the ship, there are already new flocks of passengers coming in. I know for sure they didn't have lots of time buffer to prepare everything.

A polaroid photo taken as souvenir 
Overall, I passed my elderies care day :p I did have to put extra care with their needs in comparison with kids, but they also show so much appreciation of our efforts that I felt so touch at the end of the day.

Sincere thanks to the organizer, the care center, the star cruise, and the immigration (we got a dedicated lane for check-in and check-out!) The elderly taught me to feel appreciative of what I have, and I felt attached despite the short hours spent. Then I remember that I haven't even brought my parents to cruise.

Maybe it's time for another cruise! :p


Najee said...

I appreciated this blog post! =)
I'll be going onboard my first Star Cruises trip, too, for an event.

Also, good job Deutsche bank! =) This is wonderful work.


Erlin Diana said...

Thanks, Najee! I wish you all the best for your event!