Sunday, September 08, 2013

Dad's Short Stay @ V Bencoolen

Dad was visiting on Saturday for a random check (kidding, it was because air flight was super cheap - less than $100). I was so excited that I don't think I slept on Friday night.

@ Chinatown, Mid-Autumn Lit Up!
Dad reached at around 12pm. We went to hotel for a quick freshen up, then walk around Bugis area for lunch at Xin Juan Yi for fish soup. I ordered the salted-egg chicken (which was recommended online), but dad said it's so so =__='' I can never change Dad's perspective of Singapore's food.

Healthy lunch!
After lunch, we wento to Vivo for shopping and trying out some moon cake. I really like the snow skin version (maybe because it didn't taste like moon cake :p) Dad was quite interested with the one from Regeant hotel, but decided not to get it because I don't have the card for 10% discount T_T For the first time I regret terminating my Citibank card.

I brought Dad back to my apartment for a walk, and chat with bro and sis while resting. For dinner, we initially wanted to try the Hai Di Lao, but was put off by the long queue and ended up at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh, which I quite love :D

Never ordered so much before!
We went to Chinatown after dinner, just nice to catch the last of the fireworks ^^; We walked around the Chinatown for a while. Despite the name being Chinatown, there was hardly anyone selling moon cake! So weird! But dad never has a sweet tooth anyway, so we actually ended up wandering more at Bak Kua area - bought Strips BBQ Pork at 48% discount - that's really cheap!

Fragrance's Bak Kua
We walked until around 10pm and decided to call it a day and went back to Hotel. Our hotel is at V Bencoolen, which provided a decent stay. It's not easy to find anything under $150 in Singapore these days honestly. I tried to search many sources and ended up with areas around Geylang, or no windows hotel, or no bed sheet hotel, or scary toilet, or even JB for anything below $150. Kudos to my sis who was able to find this V Beencoolen for $137. It's located 5 mins walk from Bras Basah MRT, new (1 month old), and the room was comfortable (despite being small).

The Hotel Corridor
Our Twin Room - Before check-out :p
Nice and clean toilet!
The next day, we walked to temple to pray and then had breakfast across the road. After checking out, dad insisted to try MRT, so we took train to Changi.

It was such a short weekend trip, but I had fun! :D Thanks Air Asia for the cheap tix!

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