Friday, September 20, 2013

Regular Dental Check-Up @ A Star Dentist

I usually go to Q and M for my dental check-up. After I shifted to Buona Vista, I noticed a dental just around the corner and decided to give it a try.

A Star Dental!
Extended consultation hours!
I booked an appointment few weeks ago and never even really notice the dental signboard. I didn't know the name until they called. "Hello, can we speak with Ms Diana? We're from A Star" The first thing that goes to my mind is "WHEN DID I APPLY FOR JOB AT ASTAR!?" I was still puzzled and then the lady at the other line mentioned "I would like to confirm our appointment tomorrow." "AND I'M HAVING AN INTERVIEW??", "It will be 10AM in the morning for dental". Then a sudden realisation hit me and I recalled having an appointment with dental =_='

So I strolled down to the dental at 10.00 AM the next day. After registration, I was asked to fill in 20 questions related to health ("Do you ever hospitalised before? Are you pregnant? Do you have any allergies?") and waited for 15mins before finally got called to the consultation room.

Once seated in the room, I was asked another 30 set of questions ("Do you drinks? Wine, Beer, or liquor?  Do you drink fruit juices? Fruit? How frequent? Where did you do your filling? When did you had tooth extraction? Where?) I was startled. It's the first time I was asked so many questions for a teeth check-up. While being questioned, I glanced to the doctor's name "Lim xx xx". Last name Lim. Same surname as me. That explains.

Apart from the many questions, the doctor was helpful. He is quite patient and happily answered any question I have. He bluntly told me that my gum is unhealthy and advised me to do flossing everyday, to the extend of showing me on how it's to be done properly. He couldn't stop asking question even when he was doing my teeth cleaning. How did he expect me to reply when an active drill is in my mouth =__='

I feel good after the cleaning, and the bill go to the amount of.... $65! That's like 30% cheaper than Q and M, and the service is good (they use Colgate for gargling water!)

A Star Bill!
Thanks for a nice affordable service :) I will surely go back in next half a year - hopefully with better gum, cleaner teeth and no filing!



Elliot Bagley said...

It's nice to know that found a reliable and affordable dentist in your vicinity. Taking care of your dental health isn't an easy task, and the help of your dentist is highly recommended. I hope you don't have to get any filling or any dental problem when you come back for your next dental appointment. Thanks for the share! :)

Elliot Bagley

Dental Checkup in Markham said...

Thanks for sharing your experience on how you gone through the procedure before getting started with your teeth cleaning process. I hope you had a great experience going through such process for the first time and enjoyed the process.

Jairo Chavez said...

If you have followed through his advice, you would have probably achieved the beautiful and healthy gum you came to this dental office for by this time. Great to know that his services are affordable and efficient, based on the recount of your experience. Have a good day!
-- Dr. Jairo Chavez

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