Saturday, September 14, 2013

XCape Singapore: Inception - Room Escape Game!

I love Room Escape games! I had been playing them on computer and iPhone - imagine how excited I was when I know that there is a real life version of it :D :D I have to try it out at least once in my life!!

As I tried to form a team, I got to know that there are more than 1 place which offer Room Escape Game O.O Where have I  been my whole life? The more places I found, the more complex it's for me to decide on which one to go for. All the reviews I got were really positive. In the end I decided to go for the one with more likes in Facebook - Xcape - which also happened to be the most expensive one =.='

  1. @ Bugis - $28 / person
  2. @ Clarke Quay - $25 / person
  3. @ Scape - $20 / person
  4. @ Bukit Timah - $18 / person
After deciding on the place, the next is to decide on which theme to go. I initially just picked the easiest to ensure we'll finish the game, but my game team convinced me to pick the hardest one so that the $28 worth it. Good logic. I agreed. There we go with the 5 Stars difficulty level - Inception.

The Poster for the game :D
Despite the 1-month planning in advance, things still goofed up last minutes. For one, I forgot to cancel my earlier slot (thanks God they didn't blacklist me). For two, one of our game team suddenly said she can't make it!! Not only she would still have to pay anyway, but we also wouldn't be allowed to play since they need the minimum of 6! The game master was almost combining us with other people. Thankfully in the end, after a lot of persuasion, our friend took a cab all the way from Changi and arrived in Bugis in 15 mins :D Way to go!

Welcome to Xcape!
Geeky Clock hanging on the wall
Our game started at 7:15pm. We have to empty our pockets and of course no phone or photography were allowed =( The 6 of us were split into 2 group of three (supposedly representing the 2 stage of limbo stage in movie Inception, I guess) Three of us were placed in one room, while my other three friends are placed in adjacent room. We can still communicate if we shout, and we did have to communicate ALOT! The room was dark so we have to use torchlight to search for clues (took me 15 mins to find the third torchlight). The air-con was just nice and the movie music helped to add to the theme - I felt really in the mood - Excellent setup!

And then the game began!

We solved the first puzzle within 5 minutes, but we never thought that it's actually the combination for the other room instead of ours (duh! despite what the game master told us). The other room solved a sudoku which turned out to be our combination keys.

Once we opened the suitcase, there was an Inception poster with some numbers on it "You might think that they are the same America dream", said the text. The next room has the same poster and I admit that none of us were able to figure out what to do with it. We spent almost 20 mins and finally decided to call for help. Guess what, communication is the key to solve this!! We finally managed to get a combination to unlock a cute american flag box.

Inside the flag was a magnet. This one was quite easy - but again, we need to work together with the other room. I love how corporative our team were. We managed to get the two keys within 5 minutes. Then come the funny part. The keys didn't match any of the locks! Or at least that's what we thought. Guess we were too stressed out by then. We called for hint just to be asked to "Try the lock one more time" and it actually works =___=''

The key opened up a wooden chest which is the question to the riddle written at the wall. Our only male in the room were able to solve it with logic when the other two were just staring. We were then able to unlock a power box and switch on the light to the other room. Then the other room screamed "WOOW! You should have done it from the beginning!!" with accusing tone. Oh well fine, they didn't know it was locked ^^;

Another key unlocked the room to the adjacent room. We were together at last :D We were left with 8 minutes and have to solved 2 more puzzles before we could get out. One is the puzzle with starfish, another one is puzzle with twister. We got out just as the timer hit 00:00:00! We survived!! We escaped the toughest game of all!!

The winners :D
After the game, we hang around and took some pictures. Everyone was so excited and can't stop recapping the game. I love the game!!! After another half an hour, we realised that we were hungry and went to Nando's for dinner. We ordered the Jumbo Platter, which in reflection I think even more sinful than KFC.

All of these were gone in half an hour
Overall, nice exciting game :D For me, I got 6 different puzzles to solve in 60 mins, which are a lot!! And really, you need brain, so nerdy geeky guys will be the heroes here :p I might go back to try the other rooms IF the price is reduced. LOL.

Till next escape!


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