Sunday, October 06, 2013

Sunday Dinner @ Itacho Sushi, Star Vista

Life has been busy! (... well, with the return of TV series, obviously). When I'm busy, I have tendency to resort to food to reduce stress (food is solution to everything! :p)

Today, we decided to go for Itacho Sushi - the one sushi restaurant in Star Vista which *always* has long queue. We went at around 6pm and managed to get a seat without much queue. It's my first time going there, and I was really wondering what the hype was all about. We picked some set sushi, ate, and still didn't manage to understand the reason for the long queue.

Itacho Sushi - It's apparently from HK!
I guess they served good quality sushi. Or maybe good service? Whatever it's, it can't because of the price. It's even more expensive than Sushi Tei! Most of the sushi is priced individually $.$ Sadly, well, I wasn't such a sushi expert and gulped in the $7.9 sushi just as I gulped down the $0.5 ones.

The $30.9 Sushi Platter
Guess what guess what! Yes, it's my roll with generous serving of Natto
Cold Soba to fill in the stomach :p
I'm glad to finally satisfy my curiosity of this restaurant :) One more Star Vista's Restaurant concured!

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