Saturday, November 30, 2013

Garden By The Bay - Christmas Sugar Mountain Edition!

I got two free tickets to the Conservatories, thanks to DB Corporate Responsibility! Decided to use it this weekend, which was nice cause the Christmas decoration is all up at the gardens!

Reach there at around 12pm, bright sky = nice pic, but it was really hot!
The weather was really sunny, and we're glassful that the dome is cooled. Spend some time walking around adoring the creation of Kazuyuki Ishihara. A lot of cute pineapples and strawberries along the way ^^;

Greeted by Pine and Straw at the entrance
The infamous chair came with Christmas decorated!
Love the deers! They are made of sticks.
The picture from second floor :)
I like the Christmas decoration, but I miss the big flower patch which it used to have (of course, the garden can't fit all). Well, I guess it means I have to come back next time!

At the infamous fall! It was raining both inside and outside the dome!
These train is meant to demonstrate energy conservation, guess wasn't there before!
I thought I will spend whole day there, but apparently it took us less than two hours to cover both domes. By the time we finish, the rain stops and we walked to Marina Bay Sands for windows shopping.

Passed through the 36km mark! I remember how much I suffer last year ^^;
Experiencing the TWG Cafe! The signature 1837 Black Tea was really nice!
What better to conclude a nice saturday than... a KFC seat meal! Tried out the new Korea Flavours, but I still prefer the usual Crispy! And I didn't know that Cheese Fries' price has increased so much! It's $4 for ala carte! I have to agree though that the taste has significantly improved.

KFC Spicy Korean Craze!
Till the next date!

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