Friday, November 22, 2013

The Bull Charge Run + Aftermath Dinner's at Medz

Is this my first run for 2013? I think so! I promised myself last year that I won't run unless it's a sponsored run. Well, apparently there are not so many people who want to sponsor me. I have to wait until end of Nov to get one. That's also only for 5 KM. haha

I start to like the bull after awhile. Especially the real mascot at the side!
The 8000+ of banker-looking runners
So this run is unique for me on its own way. I came really late due to some training at the other side of the country. I tried to get taxi for 20 mins but failed miserably. I finally took a random bus and asked the bus captain to drop me at somewhere more crowder where it's easier for me to get a taxi. Well, he was helpful. After another 20 mins, I finally got into a taxi. The driver was thankfully a super experience one. He avoided all the jam area and delivered me on time to the starting area at 6:00pm.

The first flag off started at 6:05pm. I quickly changed  and got into the pen onetime, but wasn't able to deposit my bag. Hence, well. I carry my bag along for the 5km run ^^; I haven't seen any picture of the event but I can guarantee that I will be silly. Since I was at the last pen, I have to wait for around 40 minutes before flag off =__= Thankfully, the weather is nice and the route was also happening :) We passed through the office district + Marina Bay Sands, and finished the run at Float @ Marina Bay. It was around 7:15pm when I finished the run.

After run and some briefing, Maria and I went to Millennia Walk for... free shower @ Fitness First :p Finished with the shower, I had dinner with KO at Medz - a restaurant with concept really similar to Marche!

I'm very sure that the calories are more than what I burnt during the run
Finish with dinner, I went back home and well, login to office to monitor our major release. It's busy busy weeks ahead! I really can't wait for Christmas to come.

One more release and One more run for the year!

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