Sunday, December 15, 2013

Exit Plan - I'm Loving It!

Tried out another Room Escape Game this month! This thing can be quite addictive, seriously. The good news is, there are so many providers now and the price and going to the lower end. Yipee! I paid $28 last time for escape game. The new one cost me a mere $9! And the game is as good :D

Thanks Groupon for the good deal!
I played the Zombie Apocalypse Room from Exit Plan. This provider has a board for Hall of Fame, which made me even more competitive than usual. I was really sure that our team gonna made it to the Hall of Fame! Well, turn out that I'm not that smart. Sob!

There are 6 of us in the team and the game master told us we got 2 hints for the game. I was all ready to charge into the room and play. Previously in "Inception", my team was split into two room. Now all of us are together, what could possibly stop us?

... Turn out two pairs of our teams are chained together T_T Yes, that's what can stop us. I got chained to Winson and Tomy was chained to Dhany. Fendi and Fidel was happily running around.

When I entered the room, I was quite shocked to see how big it's (it's really big, not being sarcastic). There are so many things around and I can't tell at all which ones are clues and which ones are decorations. Behold, turn out that nothing is decoration. Everything was there for a reason. We realised it way too late ^^;

The first thing to solve was hexagon. That lead us to a code to open the luggage. The second thing was code in few items + poster, which lead us to open the suitcase. From suitcase, we got the hints to open first locker locker. At the same time, we got puzzle of "UNCHAIN" to solve so that we could unlocked ourselves. Within locker, there was another hints which lead us to another locker, as well as a small box. There are, in total, 7 games to solve, all within the short 50 mins. It's totally insufficient! I don't believe how can other solve it so fast! Unless there are unlimited help card! Hump! We extended the room for another 10 mins and managed to reach the last game, but failed to open the lock in time. I'm really sure that we'll be able to figure it out if we get 15 more mins! :p

Well, from the game, I can really see how everyone contribute differently! Fendi was really fast with clues collections. Tomy was definitely our quiz solver, super fast with numbers! Dhany has a surprisingly cool reading skill, Fidel was fast with crossword, Winson was super patient with testing all different codes, and I... well, was busy ringing up for help ^^;

Exit Plan - Zombie Apocalypse!
I better stop writing before revealing too much (and made other people to Hall of Fame. No Way!) I really like the game and the team :) Would love it if we're able to break on time, but reality is... well, the real escape game is way much tougher than the online ones.

Till the next promotion! :p

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