Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Fifty Shades

I completed the Fifty Shades trilogy today! It started as a curious reading and I never thought that I would actually finish reading them.

Explicit scenes aside (which I conveniently skipped after awhile), I think the novel actually have a very Disney's story. A decent girl falls in love with a handsome + rich guy, and the guy actually loves her back. The first book talks about how they meet, the second book about how they date, and the third book about how they got married and lived happily ever after with two kids. Happy Ending.

Probably similar with any (real) love story, most of the exciting events happened in the first book (year). The excitement subdues when their relationship becomes stable in the second book. Finally, the third book was really about closing any gaps which were thrown in the first and second book. Not much of exciting twist, but it was good enough to make me complete the whole trilogy.
Fifty Shades - The Trilogy
So I heard that the novels are going to be made into a movie. I'm again curious on who will actually take the lead role, especially for the guy. It was describe oh-so-perfect in the book, I don't think any real person exist for that :p Anyway, we shall see!

Time to look for other book,


cd said...

i recommend 'karen rose' ^_^

Anonymous said...

very interesting