Sunday, December 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Fendi @ KBox Marina Square

Fendi and I talked about KTV and Buffet few months ago and how it's one of the most perfect combination. I totally agreed with it. Imagine how happy we were when we saw a deal just about it!

@KBOX + Buffet - Celebrating few of Fendi's exceptional skills in life - Singing + Eating!
So we decided to use the chance to celebrate Fendi's b'day over KTV as well. After all, it's not very often for us to go to such high class KTV (we normally go either Teo Heng or Ten Dollars Club).

The place was really huge to start with. It has like 60+ rooms with different facilities (some rooms come with private pool table! O.O) Our is decent size and located around 1 min from the buffet table (that's important!)

The deal! It's around $10 off - not bad!
The buffet spread was really not bad It served Chinese, Western, and decent spread of Japanese food. The fried prawn was surprisingly tasty. And I love the Salmon too. And oh, they even serve Nachos! I had at least 4 rounds before proceeding to dessert (Bean Curd + Mango Sago + Ice Cream + Eclair). The selection of drinks are decent as well - Black current, peach, green tea :D

My first round!
One of the section at the buffet table!
Do I want to come back? YES! Can I find friends to come back? I'm not sure.  Sad to say, all of us aren't young anymore to indulge too often in these kinds of buffet T_T

I had a great time, thanks Deal.SG! :p

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