Saturday, December 28, 2013

My 1000th Post and Bye!

I reached my 4 digit post! I never really counted but just happened to see the number of posts I have when I hit a new entry.

I have been ignoring Instagram and Twitter, sticking with blogger for the longest time, but I guess I just found something that comfortable for me.

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Dayre is really new (just released in Nov 2013!) and I'm not 100% convinced that it can be a full substitute for my blog. For one, I can only use my mobile for blogging - no entry using PC! And for two, I still can't find search function on this little app.

Micro Blog @ Dayre!
Having said so, I tried the app for few days and it has been serving me good so far! All I need is 10 mins (in bus or mrt) and I can post what I think about at the moment. No need for computer. And since the app is created for mobile, the interface is good (despite some failed-uploaded posts. hmm)

Another side effect - since everything supposed to be instantaneous, I never reread my post and I know for sure there are thousand one grammar errors in my post T_T I'm not sure if I dare to review my post in the future.

I might be blogging again once I'm bored with Dayre... But, yeah, bye for now :)


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whyyy... T_T

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