Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Food Journey continues - Experience @ Fat Boy's

We went to Pasir Panjang for saturday lunch. I love Fat Boy's and I remember it has the $12.50 for main + soup + drink promotion which I felt quite worth it. So I went there... and realise that they have just recently changed the promotion to $10 for main + drink. It sounds good to me as well, so we went in and ordered.

After ordering, the waitress came back and apologies to us, saying that the promotion is not applicable for weekend. I was disappointed. It was clearly not stated in the promotion poster. I almost walked out but Winson told me not to. So I agreed to stick around, but decided to post it on their Facebook's page...

... Turn out they have a first class responder to their Facebook page! I received update within 3 mins (I looked inside the restaurant as well just to see if someone is there replying). I decided to make use of the real time answering to my benefit.

Fat Boy's Facebook Page - Pls do not black list me
... and yeah, I shamelessly asked for a free soup and I got it XD One minute after I posted the request, the restaurant's phone rang and they served us soup within the next 3 mins. Power of social media. How cool is that ^^; I just hope that they didn't put any special ingredient to their soup.

Burger and Fries are good as usual!
Apart from burger, I had a week full of delicious meals as usual :D

Cute cupcake from colleagues! The mushroom is not edible =.=' known by experience
Ala Carte from the XO Fish Soup across the street! Good but quite Ex - these for $27
What else if not the award winning Tim Ho Wan! We were lucky to queue less than 15 mins :)
... I just have to post this to add more taste to the food :p
After all the sinful food, lets end this post with my daily supper :)

After Dinner's Fruit
Till the next post! (Gosh it will be my 1000th Post!)

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