Thursday, October 24, 2013

7 Days 6 Nights Chong Qing, Zhang Jia Jie, Changsha

I haven't been blogging for so long! I went to China during a very hectic office period... and now that I'm back... the list of tasks are mountainous!! Topped up with busy weekend, I have a very big temptation to skip blogging until end of the year... but! I don't want to just leave my life undocumented... so here we go! The shortest summary of my longest holiday of the year.

17 Oct 2013: Singapore - Chong Qing
I was super busy before holiday... so busy that I don't really know where were I flying until the day itself. Well, even after I know the name, I have no idea what that place has to offer. Turned out to be... nothing much :p First day was spent mostly in travel. Had a (very shockingly disappointing) dinner and rest at JW Marriot Cong Qing. Had a chance to walk around Jiefang Road Pedestrian Street before sleeping at night.

18 Oct 2013: Chong Qing City Tour
After buffet breakfast at hotel, we went to E Ling Park (Free entrance), Three Gorges Museum (Free entrance), Ciqikou Town (something like Taiwan's night market, but dirtier), Hongyadong (which is a tall building leading to harbor). Tour was OK but there was nothing worth wow-ing. The food was again less than decent :( I don't know whats wrong. I love Schezuan food! And here I'm in the city having the hotpot which taste worse than any Chinese restaurant in Singapore.
E Ling Park! - Just like a normal park ^^;
Infront of Three Gorges Museum with my parent's friends
This is the Ciqikou Town - really similar with Taiwan's! Except for the food selection...
Hongyadong! Port to cruise ships.
19 Oct 2013: Chong Qing - Changsa - Zhang Jia Jie
Yet another day spent on travel! Started early morning to airport and reached Pullman Hotel at almost midnight. Had a chance to celebrate dad's birthday! :D Happy birthday my dear Dad. Love you max.

Quite amazed how the tour and hotel managed to get a huge cake within an hour! Thanks all!
20 Oct 2013 & 21 Oct 2013: Zhang Jia Jie
Zhang Jia Jie is a mountain city. The mountain park was so huge we actually bought 2 day pass ^^; I went to mountain after mountain and lost count of the names after awhile (I'm not good in Chinese to start with). The view was awesome though! Its where Avatar Movie was shot! :)

Mountain Hiking - King's Style! 200 Yuan for ride to the top!
With the pretty fake locals. 50 yuan per lady :p
At one of the lock statue where you supposed to take pic with your couple and have a happily ever after
The Group Pic! At the grand Zhang Jia Jie
Glass Path at the top of mountains - It was freaking cool and cold!
After watching the Tian Men Fox Show (RMB 380)
22 Oct 2013: Zhang Jia Jie - Chang Sha
Took another full day ride back to Chang Sha =.=' China is too big! I literally spent most time in travel. We reached Chang Sha at around 7pm and only got enough time to shop for 2 hours before starting to pack for the flight next morning

Last group pic with "Gate to Heaven"
23 Oct 2013: Chang Sha - Singapore
Bye China! I actually quite enjoyed the tour. Just that the move from one to another destination was way.too.long. Maybe I'm too used to Singapore being a small country and forgot that other country does have more than one city. Oh well. But yet, it's the togetherness that matters. Love you mum, dad!

Till next visit!

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