Thursday, May 23, 2013

500 KMs to go!

After a bit of drama last year involving Emergency Unit, Plaster Cast, and Crutches, my parents made me swear that I should never join any run anymore - paying to hurt - it's one of the foolest thing in their view. I bargained and promised never to pay for run anymore.

My good old time medals
And since there hasn't been anyone sponsoring me for run this year, I decided to setup a target for myself - to clock 1,000 km run by end of this year :D I was a bit sceptical with myself at the beginning, especially when I realised that there are so many holidays at the beginning and I'm not really able to run regularly.

Yay!! Thanks RunKeeper for such a motivating tracking
I'm at the end of 5th month and passed the 500kms mark today :D Long way to go but it gives me a better confidence. At least I'm not using crutches yet.

Another 500km to go ^^

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Cd said...

Run erlin run... 😘