Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bloomberg Training

Thanks to Kanika, we got to visit Bloomberg Singapore earlier this week. Official objective is to get a quick training on Bloomberg terminal. Side purpose is to check out the legendary Bloomberg pantry :P

A really nice guest card
The training started at 4pm, where a very nice lady from analytic team running us through the Bloomberg history. It was an interesting one. So Michael Bloomberg the founder is currently the Major in New York City. He loves fish tank a lot and it's available in each Bloomberg office around the world! The other signature is of course the pantry. Saying that it's like 7-11 is understatement. It's mini market and beyond! They have like 6 type of cornflakes, chocolate from M&M to Hersey, drinks from marigold to jia jia liang cha, peanuts, prunes, and many more. I really wanted to take a picture of the pantry but not allowed T_T So I did a quick browse on internet and find something similar.

There are at least 8 sections like this at the pantry

Pantry aside, I really like the office setting. I though our office is open, but their office is even more transparent. There was long table without any divider. No room for managements. Glass doors for all the meeting room. They event have a news room where they shot live to Bloomberg channel. It was really cool!

When we about to leave at 6pm, we saw the whole bunch of office people dressed in costume - snow white, batman, etc. Turned out they have a company-wide event that day, with games and free food and drinks. Oh man. It's not even Friday!

The training itself was an eye opener as well. Bloomberg is such a powerful tool (with USD 1800 / month for subscription, it better be) and it makes me feel that I know so little about financial industry. I definitely want to go to the pantr.. I mean, go for the training again if there is chance. So much to learn!

I love visiting other company's office :)

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