Sunday, November 17, 2013

Welcome back, Macbook Pro!

I haven't been blogging for the whole Nov!!

Well, I had some technical difficulty. My Macbook Pro went to hospital (twice!) and just came back this week. Lucky that I bought an insurance which covers its surgery. It would have otherwise cost me $800 easily (for the logic board + memory). Ha! Just when I thought I wasted $350 for my Apple Care.

It was all started one fine day near Halloween. I was watching clicknetwork and reading mails. Suddenly my laptop restarted by itself. I was quite taken as it has never happened to Mac before (even though it's a very common trait in Windows). I decided not to overreact, letting it finish restarting and continue doing my stuff.

Then it happened again the next day. I thought the OS might be corrupted, so I decided to take the chance to install Mavericks. Well, bad move. The installation kept getting stuck in the middle and I can't even to into the login screen after a very dubious installation =_='

After all those misfortunes, I decided to run Apple Hardware Test (for the first time in 3 years). True enough, it showed memory error, within 6 seconds of diagnostic.

Memory Error - Why is Apple also using blue screen? 
Long story short, I carried my laptop to QCD @ Funan, one of Apple Authorized Service Providers. I explained to them what happened and they took in my laptop. Within 3 days, they called saying that they changed my logic board and issue has been fixed. I happily went to collect and brought it back home.

Out of curiosity, I run the test again and well, guess what. Yes, I still encountered the memory issue =___='' Despite all my detailed writing of the memory issue in the form, they didn't even bother to check the memory and just changed the logic board? I went back to the store again the next day and passed them my CD so that they can check on my behalf.

So this week they called me again, confirmed that they changed my memory and things are now OK. I went back to Funan for the 4th time and hope it to be the last for this issue! Well, I did a clean install of Mavericks and things seem to be OK for now. Just pray that nothing major will happen after Nov. The Apple Care is expiring this month XD

When I was browsing at Funan, I did a quick check on how much they priced second  hand Macbook Pro (mid 2010). Make a guess! ... It's $300 =_=' I bought it for $2000++! Can't believe how fast thing depreciate huh... I'm still quite tempted to sell it off and buy myself a Macbook Air... but it's working well now... so... Maybe I will just continue using it until it dies before I buy a new one.

Alright, I missed blogging lots of things - farewell, birthday, Halloween, Deepavali, new foods... but I'm hungry now... so bye!

Suddenly year end seems so near!

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