Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Not-So-Fun Working Week

In the new seating arrangement, I am left stranded on level 2, while the rest of my team is down at level 1. I thought it will be fun to work with no team member watching you... But I’m proven wrong. They called me down almost every half an hour! +_+

It was another long working hours week, but I didn’t feel productive :( So many meetings and discussions, with zero time to do the actual work. So many running here and there, I sometime can’t even remember what I went down for.

So on Friday, when I packed my stuff again for my final move, I actually feel quite happy. It might not turn out to be the best seat, but at least I will be around the other team member and discussion is just a matter of rolling my chair around.

Bye, my one-week-old new seat!

This week, we kicked-off the exercise class again in office. I completed 2 exercises + 1 yoga this week (which lead to the pain in my stomach this weekend). And! this week seems to be a favourite week for celebration. 2 team dinner, 2 farewells, 2 birthday parties… these are another causes on why I’m not very productive this week =.=’ There is one day that I spent 1 hour for breakfast, 2 hours for lunch, and another hour for dinner, that I literally wasting 50% of my office time. Hahaha… I hope things will be better next week…

My 18th years old colleague making his b’day wish :)

On Saturday, we finally completed the movie Detective Dee. I’m very very satisfied with the movie :) Finally Andy Lau played a good role in an awesome movie again :D it was mysterious and interesting from the start until the very end… one of the rare Chinese movies which worth watching in cinema!

In the evening, despite the heavy rain weather forecast, we decided to pay a visit to Marina I Light (I hope they wont get to dispute with Apple later on), the so called “Asia’s First sustainable Light Art Festival”. I enjoyed the 4-km walk a lot :) Maybe it’s because of the cooling weather and the nice exhibition, but I too believe that the most important one was the companions. We started after the dinner @ Xing Wang Taiwan CafĂ©. We walked and snapped and laughed so hard that I really felt hungry again at the end of the walk. Seriously.

Me promoting Marina I Light :D Notice the head behind!

The 4 bestest companion @ somewhere I never been before :) Theme: Staircase

Sunday, I decided to just stay at home and complain about my leg pain :) it was a good cozy weather outside and the sky is cleared from haze. Yay! Thanks to the rain earlier in the morning. Even though it comes at the cost of wetting my laundry… again!!

Ok, time to take a little nap before dinner… :p


cd said...

how was the iLight..planning to bring my dad take a look there..

Erlin said...

Wah... your dad is here? that's nice ^^

It's good for a slow evening walk and discovering some unique showcases... but do not set the expectation too high ;)

If you are unable to finish the whole route, at least make sure you visit the "My Public Garden" @ The Promontory. It was the most awesome one!