Sunday, October 17, 2010

Please rain!

The weather is so unforgiving these days! It’s hot to max! To the degree that I rather ate in canteen and quickly went back to cozy office rather than hunting good food somewhere else. What funny is, I happened to check the weather forecast on those days… and it always forecasted that it would rain the next day… even weather forecast team can be wishful. Haha.

The only day it rains this week is… today. Sunday morning. When I decided to swim! When I washed my cloths the previous night! This is what we call luck T_T

This week has been… er… better compared with last week. Yes I still have the OT which I guess will never end… and I kept getting request from everyone else when my boss is not around :( It’s not a celebration when your boss went for a business trip. You have to cover part of his work also, while he enjoyed himself in the mesmerizing Abu Dhabi under company expense. Jealous! (Ok, to be fair to him, he has a big responsibility there, too)

I don’t know what happened, but my boss never failed to text / email me every single day, asking me to go home earlier. +_+ I can think lots of positive & negative reasons, but I decided to take it just as it is.

On Friday, I hardly work for 4 hours. There is a seat reallocation happening in my office, and lots of people busy packing and throwing stuffs. Due to that too, all of us need to shutdown our computer at 6pm. That’s a very good news for me :p I finally got a valid excuse to leave office early.

That night, Glen and I have made appointment to meet Venny and Linh at 7pm. Glen was so afraid to be late (and irritated by how slow I’m) that he decided to help me do my packing XD Thank you Glen! In the end, we reached the restaurant second (after Winson, thanks for helping us queue!), and it was another 10 mins before Venny and Linh came out. It was a fun dinner… and would have been perfect if I wasn’t interrupted by conference call at 9pm :( After dinner, we had some yogurt at level B1, and then went back to home.

Saturday, I went out together with Inche.. I can’t remember when the last time I met her was! Feel like so out of loop with all my friends out there… and I guess I have myself to blame. I rejected all sports invitation and went missing when they went for dinner. She doesn’t change abit :) and we had good time at Marina Bay Square… I got all the things I wanted :D including a new working shoes and lip gloss. Thanks for being an awesome shopping partner, Che! It was only before we departed that I realized we haven’t taken any picture… in the end, we took one shot in the MRT station ^^;

The Two Ex-Roomie :p

Sunday is my lazy day… I still have some ironing to be done, but have no mood to start off :p Tonight I’m going to Bishan to meet Nova… :)

Ok, would like to close this blog with a mention of the movie I watch yesterday: The Legend of Chen Zhen. Until the end of the movie, I was still trying to figure out what the main story is.

Eat, Sleep, Sweat,

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