Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bye, Comtech!

End of August marks the deadline for few of my projects. It also marks the last day of operation for one of my favourite food courts - Comtech.

I have been lunching there for more than 3 years. The price is decent, but the taste was (I felt) 1 notch better than the rest of the food courts. I used to love the Bak Kut Teh a lot! Then it closed few months ago and I switched to the Fish Soup. Then whenever the fish soup's queue was too long, I would take it as an excuse to indulge into sinful delicious Indian food.

So despite the norm of Friday as "long & away from office lunch", we decided to go to Comtech and bid goodbye. Well, we weren't the only way with the idea. Half of my office people was there ^^; The fish soup queue went all the way from one end to the door, so I decided to go for the Indian food. The stall owner was so sweet - they actually made some nice dessert to distribute for free as a Thank You note to all of us who has been supporting. Oh well, thanks for the nice food! Sadly the owner hasn't decided if they are going to continue with the business =(

My $5 fulfilling Vegetarian Lunch + the Orange nice sweet dessert
From now onwards, it's only Food Style Food Court available, and the queue was getting really ridiculous. The next day I went to Food Style and had their Vegetarian Tom Yum. Well, they served healthy vegetarian, but didn't taste as good as Comtech T_T

Tom Yum Vegetarian - $4
Alright, time to let go. Hope there will be more food court coming nearby!

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