Saturday, August 24, 2013

First Time to Esplanade Theatre

I enjoyed my first ballet show on Fitness First. They were conducting yet another lucky draw, I applied for it, and now I enjoyed my first experience in Esplanade Theatre on them too :D

My free $100 tix!
Masterpiece in Motion - modern ballet :D
Honestly this time, I don't really care about the show :p I was more excited on how it feels like to be finally inside the durian after so many years watching it from outside.

Esplanade Main Theatre
I was all ready with my big camera but alas... It got confiscated even before I entered the theatre T_T They didn't confiscated my phone, but everyone was given a stern warning not to take pics of the show, and I don't want to know what will be the consequence if I tried it.

Inside the Theatre
So I ended up only with just a pic before the show start =.=' The overall show was ok, the dance was beautiful but looking at it for 2 hours almost got me snoring. Guess I'm not an art enthusiast after all!

Thanks Fitness First for the tix :D (and its actually quite a nice seat!) I want another pair for Swan Lake pls! :p