Saturday, August 24, 2013

School Once More?

I’m in a very confused mode.

 It had never crosses my mind to do further studies before. I did what it takes to land me a job, and I convinced myself that experience is much more valuable than another degree. I was unable to work out the math on how the additional spend for a 2-year Master Degree (-$50,000!) would finally help me to achieve more than 2 years of working experience (+ salary!)

Do I want to be one?
Until now, I still don’t see how the cost-benefit of taking Master degree worked out, but I see myself searching for available Master Program and asking people about their study experience. What is my main reason? Peer Pressure =___=’’

4 out of 5 people I was going out with are entering / pursuing / finishing their Master degree. Suddenly I’m the only Bachelor and I felt that I have been living in my own world. I have been stagnant when all my other friends were busy applying and improving themselves. Now they have / will soon have another degree stick to their name while I’m still the same old bachelor. Hey, I don’t want to be like Blackberry or Nokia that goes down because they stop upgrading themselves and become irrelevant.

I’m trying to convince myself that taking a Master degree is the right thing to do. A degree last a life time and if I’m not taking it now, when else? I don’t like the idea of procrastinating and I know that I will have more and more commitment as I aged. My brain will just get rustier as well. I will have to work for the next 40 years anyway, what’s wrong with taking 2 years to study?

BUT in the end, I still haven’t found THE reason for taking a Master degree (except peer pressure, which made my boss sweat). I told him that it might help me to get a promotion, and he totally laughed it off. I admit that I’m happy in IT and I don’t have any intention to move industry, so I’m again stuck trying to justify why I want a Master. I can still always go for certifications if I want.

There is no right or wrong. I know the facts and I can foresee on what happen in both scenarios. Now I just have to take my stand and stick with it.

Time is ticking!

Note: Oh yes, I hate my friends for being kiasu and love them for giving me a thought of improving myself :)


helios_lie said...

Hey! I am not taking master degree because I am kiasu! You should know what I mean :D

Erlin Diana said...

Lol! I wish I have that kind of motivation! :D