Wednesday, December 22, 2010

3 Days to Christmas

This is my first time went to a Christmas celebration at a church… and I must say that I quite enjoyed it :) The church is located near Braddell MRT, and I reached there just nice before the performance started at 8PM. That day the performance was about a true story from one of the followers, of how she found peace despite all the incidents happened to her. I guessed it’s true that people will be strong, so long as he / she has some hope.

After the performance, I was invited for the supper. Oh my… the supper was beyond my expectation. This was the best spread I ever see (for, er, free supper). They have everything from éclair to rojak. After having some food and chit chat, I left at 10.30PM. Thanks Maria for the invitation :)

A very well organized church performance :)

The same day, I went for a 3 hours lunch at ORQ (I hope no one from my office read this T_T). One of my previous colleagues came back from HK, and I just missed her so much. She didn’t change a bit, even though my other AM friends have transformed quite a lot. They all look like professional working ladies now. I told them of what am I up too, but it seems like IT and front office just differ too much. The only IT team they know is the IT helpdesk =.='

It has been a while since the last time I went to ORQ... and gosh it has changed so much. There is now a link to MBFC... which stands for Marina Bay Financial Center (only knows about it after doing a quick search) and there are lots of new restaurants already operating, comparable to those restaurants in malls.

The ladies @ Paradise Inn, MBFC

Oh right, before I closed the blog, I shall continue with a short overdue story…

12 – 16 Dec

These were the remaining period where I actually “work” in office. After the go-live, I had to be on stand-by on Sunday, just in case they need to arrange some call. Monday was the last day before my boss went for a long leave, so I tried my best to get clarifications for all the pending items. I think I pressed him too much, because in the end, he quietly run away when I was on conference call =.=’’.. That was unfair! But he was kind enough to still pick my call… even until the time before he actually boarded the plane. Heh.

For the rest of the week, I was busy with coordination for IT Stakeholder Forum, presenting for the first time (to around 50 unknown people on the call), and run the last team call before Christmas. Thursday was the last day where I had to stay late… and things only gets better after that :)

And oh, I baptized my Macbook Pro on 12 Dec. It was born on 31 Nov… but due to all the holiday and craziness in office, I only unboxed it on 12 Dec.

Macbook Pro 13", SGD 1,680.97

And (looking at the calendar) it has been 12 days since baptism, I’m still struggling to do something as simple as locking a screen T_T If you notice something weird in the blog (funny picture color and sizes and font), blame it to my Macbook Pro! Hehe. Ok, I’m learning... I will learn to understand you T_T

To be continued,

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