Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hellow Changi!

It has been quite a while since the last time I blogged before flying off :) Either I was running late, or I had tough decision to pick between airport lounge and free internet.

Changi, as always, has decorated itself with Christmasy stuff. Joyful music is playing all around (as I'm typing, "Let's it snow" is playing in the background)...

In another 3 hours, I will be in Medan :D In another 24 hours, I will be at my hometown :D :D... Such a different mood now compared with 12 hours ago. Yup, this holiday didn't come easy for me. I was in office until 5am in the morning. I'm totally not proud of this... but I don't know why it's so hard for me to just hit the log-off button and leave everything behind... Maybe I'm just selfish. I want zero all from office during my holiday. I don't want my boss to call and ruin my mood for the next 10 days... :p

Apparantly, one of my team member in Germany can't stand it... I don't know if he was irritated or pitying me... but after my mail at 5am in the morning, he pinged me and begged me to go home. He promised to take care of the things while I'm away... oh well T_T I hope I didn't just insult him... :( I definetely didn't mean to say that I don't trust them... Thanks guys, for all the well wishes :)

Back home, an DHL delivery note was waiting for me. Yes, it's for the delivery of... *drumroll please* Macbook Pro!! my very first Mac :D Unfortunately it was an unsuccessful delivery notification T_T Huh.. It supposed to come on the next day... when they suddenly deliver it one day it advance T_T

The next day, I slept until 10am, woke up, called DHL, took lunch, then wait patiently for the Macbook Pro to be delivered at 3pm. Hahaha.. Amazing how I spent one day of my leave just for a Macbook Pro delivery XD... Only after I got the package, I realized that it's 3pm and I haven't packed a single thing! So there I go... After one hour packing my luggage (or throwing things to bag) and my old laptop, I leave for Changi.

I don't really know what I have packed, but I stopped 5 times to rest only to drag it from doorstep to MRT. The MRT was surprisingly crowded... at the timing of 4.30PM? I don't understand... people leave office that early? I think I have been going through Romusa without knowing it.

So I reached airport at 5.30 PM :) The check in and all are pretty painless (my luggage was 23KG!)... As I have time until 7.30, I decided to log in on the free 15 mins and note down some stuff :D Now that the 15 mins almost gone, time for some light shopping & photos before flight.

Wish everyone a nice holiday month ahead!

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cd said...

don't forget oleh2 yh... ;p
hehehehe *jk*

come back soon & plan for our ice-cream date again..
i heard tom's pallete having special xmas flavours :p