Monday, December 20, 2010

5 Days to Christmas

See, it’s true that happy time travels fast. I was so looking forward to Dec in previous post, and now everyone starts to count down to Christmas and New Year. Yuck! I’m not ready for New Year resolution and reflection time!

Anyway, lets rewind of what happened after I left Changi.

1 - 8 Dec

I reached Medan smoothly at around 8.30PM. Picked up by my brother-in-law, he then started to pamper me with local foods: Nasi Padang and Sate Padang (should I put the pic? No I shouldn’t, I will start drooling myself). After the fulfilling dinner and nice chat with my sister, I went to sleep.

The next day, I took the morning cab (5AM) back to my home sweet home. Reached back home at around 9.30 AM, just in time for brunch before lunch :p The next couple of days in hometown were spent eating, napping, chit-chatting, nagging, watching Taiwanese series 夜市人生 (the direct translation will be “The Night Market Life”), and… guess what? Reading comics! Huahahaha (contented with myself) One of my cousins opened a comic rental business and I… supported her by grabbing free comics home :p

A comic fan never grows up

After the nice holiday in hometown, I went to Medan for shopping, meeting up friends, and of course, attending a wedding ceremony of my cousins :)

Liza & Anita @ Black Canyon Cafe, Cambridge, Medan :p

The groom and the bride!

Everything was perfect… until…

The unexpected SMS

I received a text message from Jetstar that my Thursday morning flight got cancelled. The next flight is Friday night. I supposed to be in the office on Thursday morning! It startled me for a while really.

Backtrack a bit, I was actually taking leave only until Wednesday, even though my flight schedule was Thursday morning. My initial plan was to pretend that my “Wed’s flight got cancelled” and hence taking the “Thursday morning flight” and be in office “2 hours late”.

Now… my flight really got cancelled and I don’t know what to do. I can’t call and tell my boss that “sorry my Wed flight is cancelled and the next flight is Fri night.. so I see you next Monday!”… I will get killed.

In the end… I make a heart breaking decision to change my flight to one day ahead… Wednesday night… and skipped the wedding dinner :’( Hate you, Jetstar! I should have booked Silkair I guess… it was SGD 30 difference but I never though about this risk… oh well.. maybe it’s just my karma because I have the intention to lie to my boss T_T

Me not attending the party wasn’t the end of the story. After my family sent me to airport (then they proceed to wedding reception.. urgggg), I actually checked in and get into the aircraft. Guess what? The flight was delayed for 70 minutes!!! I was stucked in my seat while my family were in Taipan enjoying their sumptuous food… I must have done some bad karma, really T_T

Anyway, I touched down Singapore at 12.00 AM, get into the taxi with 50% surcharge, and reached my place at almost 1 AM on Thursday. It wasn’t the perfect holiday, but wait ... the worst is yet to come!

To be continued,

PS: A tempting food picture to add to my sin list

Uda Sayang, Medan

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