Sunday, February 03, 2013

Willy Visit + Grandmaster Movie + Billy Bombers Dinner @ The Cathay

Winson’s brother was here and we went to watch Grandmaster on Sunday afternoon. I was expecting a fight movie like the Ip Man, but it’s apparently more conversation than fighting scene. The movie was quite flat from the beginning, and I was left with more questions than answers in the end – what is the role of razor? What happen to his wife? I feel that the story line is very weak that I don’t really get the main focus of the movie ^^;

Random Pic at the Cinema ^^;
After movie, we went to eat at nearby restaurant – Billy Bombers. They served super filling western food. We ordered one main each + nachos, then they still gave us one platter each from our movie stub. It becomes really too much +_+ Too full, we decided to walk around at the new Plaza Singapore extension, before going back home and getting ready for another Monday’s blue.

Billy Bombers - All these are for three people O.O
Wait, no so blue as the following Thur is already a holiday for me. Yay!
Lots of eating this month, ED

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