Thursday, December 12, 2013

Festive Food for Festive Season!

December = Eat + Eat + Eat. Not like I'm dong anything to prevent it. I just hope that I can wake up early enough everyday to burn a bit of the calories. Not like I'm really determined in doing so too. sigh.

Anyway, worry about those later. Here is some of the new things I tried!

Christmas cake from Alan and Mages! Delivered fresh to office for tea break. Thanks so much guys :)
Mc D Kampung version! Quite like it. The pineapple was really juicy!
handmade kueh from Winson's insurance agent. Really yummy!
This are the side dish of Kenny Roger's quarter chicken. Posting the chicken cause me too much guilt
Pizza Hut's Doubledecker - special Christmas edition :D It has mango on top!
Cheesy Tender Chicken from Korean's Nene Chicken :) Nicer than KFC! but slightly more expensive as well.
It's hardly the mid of the month and and I'm already eating like there is no tomorrow =.=' Lets see whats else coming up later!

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