Sunday, December 01, 2013

Standard Chartered 2013 - Ekiden!

After the hospital saga last year, I thought I would never come back to Standard Chartered Run again.

Standard Chartered - Ekiden!
Well, turn out that I can't resist XD I can't find enough reason to say "No" when the nice running gang invited me to join the fun. Since it's less than 7km and I have never tried it before, I decided to give it a go :D

Ekiden is a team run. Actually, it gave so much more pressure than the normal run. If any of us can't make it, the whole team will be disqualified. I was so worried that I actually had nightmare about it (dreamt about waking up at 9am when the run is almost over). I was so excited (?) that I actually woke up before the alarm rang at 3.30am ^^; Well done me.

The first runner starts at 5am. Both the first and second runners are really fast, and I believe I was among the top 20 that got my Sash. As the third runner, I ran for 6.7km, hitting the 4th Point at around 7.10am. And then it started raining for few mins before shining up again. Afterwards, I took the shuttle bus back to Padang and enjoyed the rest of the event.

At Ekiden point 4!
With the whole Ekiden team! 
Standard Chartered really go all the way out. There are so many activities going around, the whole Padang is bustling with excitement. It was raining the day before and the ground was muddy, but it didn't stop the people from running around different booth.

Nice Christmas Tree
A tent specially for Standard Chartered Staff! Love the balloons!
I got some time to stand around the finishing line and cheer people up. It was such a fun thing to do. And at that moment... I feel like I want to start running again, training up for long run. Can I? I want to be one of the 10,000+ runners who passed the finish line, feeling all proud and accomplished.

I want to be one of the finishers!
Oh well, at least I got a pic with the finish line. lol.
queued for at least an hour for this pic =.='
I had lots of fun with the run! It really lit up my passion for running! Thanks so much, organisers!

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