Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day by Day

The remaining days of work last week were quite painful. Thursday is the official stay-late day, and Friday…. All thanks to the reporting deadline, I was stuck in the office until 12am. The best thing? My boss called me on Saturday morning complaining the way I did the report. I felt sorry and puzzled at the same time. I had done it like that for the past 3 months… and he just asked me about it now? ~.~ Anyway, I’m expecting him to give me a big blast tomorrow… so let see.

The call bothered me for one hour. And that’s it. I managed to get the work out from my mind, went out to MidPoint for dinner @ Jtown cafe & have a walk around orchard. The Christmas decoration is up and I forgot to bring my camera T_T I definitely need to go there once more time for the Christmas tree hunting!

On Sunday morning, I went swimming with roomie. We reached there at 8.30 and the sun was bright as 12pm’s sun. There was no one around until around 9.30 and I broke my own record today! It’s 20 laps!! The max I did last time was 15… I have my roomie to thanks for her patience and support :) hehe..

After the exercise, we went for lunch, then came back home. I was pretty idled for an hour… then I decided to go to Suntec for some gift shopping :) Managed to get a shirt for my dad, a toy for my niece, choc, accessories, thumbdrive, etc for myself :p Mission accomplished!

In the evening, I went to313 Somerset and had dinner at Handburger. It was quite a nice place, and the burger is good too. The waiters served non-stop plain water, so you don’t have to bother about ordering some drinks (cheapskate mode on)

Handburger - Chicken Caesar Burger

Ok, by the count of food pictures I posted every week, I can’t complain why my scale never go down T_T

Time for some movie before sleep! :)

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