Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shrek the Ogre

I had a weird dream this week.

It was a farewell lunch at vivo. My farewell lunch. My colleagues from past teams and departments were there. We’re talking about the fun and sour we had during the past two years. One of them asked me “So, where are you going next?” I mentioned one of the small IT firm, and they suddenly looked at me in puzzlement. “What make you decided to move there? We hardly heard about it before. Did they pay you better?” My heart throbbed. I can’t remember the reason that I moved there. The only thing I remember is that the new company is 10 mins nearer than my current workplace. My current workplace suddenly seems better in every other aspect. Suddenly I realized that I have made a terrible mistake, but it was already my last day… and I have no chance to turn back time…

Then I wake up. Then I recalled and felt thankful that I hadn’t submitted any resignation letter after all. Haha.. I know I have been complaining quite a lot about my work, but now I know for sure that I don’t have the gut to give up anything yet. Not now :)

On Friday, I had a small BBQ gathering with my previous department. The last meet up was almost a year back… and it took me some time to remember some names (blush). Yet, I feel attached to the department. Everyone is as friendly as before :) Too bad some of my previous managers can’t make it as they were on holiday :( It was the healthiest BBQ I ever had. They barbequed marshmallow, pineapple, paprika, mushroom, asparagus, sweet potatoes, sweet corn. I can’t find any sausage nor crab stick there.. which is like the must have for my typical economical BBQ :p Thankfully they were still considering the carnivore like me, and had some chicken wings & chicken chop. Phew.

AMGTO @ Casuarina Cove

Saturday, Winson went back to Medan, and I suddenly didn't know what to do. Haha.. I slept until 12pm, then did my bi-weekly cleaning, called home, surfed some net, then went for a dinner with Ven, Nata, & Peko. Just Acia is such a wonderful place for gathering & chitchat. Most of the food comes with free flow of drinks & ice cream. You can even order some tofu and sit there for the whole evening (which we did :p) The drinks come in lots of variety from soft drink until hot chocolate and cappuccino. The food is not very special (still edible), but it’s really value for money :D We started at 6.30 pm and went off after being hushed away at around 10pm. It’s nice to hear what everyone is up to. Some is pretty much up to stock & trade, some is on travel, and some is on beauty & cosmetic :p

Just Acia, Marina Square

Sunday, I went for Badminton at Clementi. This is my second time… and my elbow didn’t ache as bad. We played happily until around 12pm… then a heavy rain come all in sudden. Alas, none of us brought umbrella. We waited for half and hour… and since the rain still didn’t stop, we decided to cross the rain. After lunch at the kopitiam, we went to Pioneer to help Handy moving to his new room. His previous owner wants to take back the room, so he searched for another room near by. Well, the new one is really near. It’s 5 minutes walk from the old one, and closer to MRT. All of us have some fun during the moving, and went home after that.

Back home, the weather was still gloomy and really tempting me to sleep. I decided to overcome it by doing some ironing and then watching some movie… which work quite well :D

Sooo! My achievement of this week is… the completion of Shrek’s movies! Yay :D I first knew about Shrek 3 years ago, when I went to the Universal Studio in LA. I didn’t know it that well back then, but it was one of the few characters which I took picture with.

Shrek: 2007 @ Universal Studio, LA, 2009 @ Warner Bros, Gold Coast

I watched the first Shrek movie on my flight to India. After that I started to get addicted, and got the remaining of the movies from my roomie (Thanks roomie!) Now I have completed all of them… I must say that I really like the movie… but I still feel that Orge is ugly ^^; I don’t understand how can people be crazy about them & buy its merchandise. I rather buy mickey mouse or some princess accessories :p hee :p

Ok.. 7.30pm now.. finally, time to eat! Gosh, I was hungry since 5pm.


Eva said...

shrek the ogre aa.. hehehe..

Erlin said...

Omg.. =.='' I misspell Ogre for Orge =.='' I failed miserably. That's why I need subtitle!! hahaha...