Friday, June 21, 2013

Breaking PSI Records!

This week is all about haze.

It's not the first time in Singapore, but this year is the worst. It hits the record high of 400 PSI (as of today), which constitutes to Hazardous level. I'm annoyed with the smokes, and at the same time feel quite excited being part of this record breaking news :p I'm sure that NEA website is the most visited website this week. Everyone is refreshing it every half an hour to check if there is any update on the PSI.
Trend of the Month - Thanks Winson for the mask!
The view outside the house
There is not much of physical impact for me (as of now) since I'm staying indoor most of the time. I still go to gym and eat as usual wearing mask - not much changes apart from the a bit of burning sensation on my eyes because of the smokes.

Got a few outdoor activities planned which are in the risk of being cancelled :( Not sure how long will it take for the whole thing to finally subsides, but I do believe that we'll be much more appreciate of fresh air after this.

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