Friday, June 14, 2013

Glen & Jessie's Farewell @ China One

China One seems to be growing popularity as a farewell spot, well, at least for my group of friends. We had farewell for Steven at the same place one year ago when he was leaving for Carnegie Mellon. This time, I was there to bid good bye to Glen as he is leaving for Michigan and Jessie is leaving for Columbia. Maybe I will get a chance to go to US as well if I visit there more often? lol

China One - Liquid Buffet for $25!
I like the place because it's quite spacious and easy to find seat. Plus, I remember they have a liquid buffet, which works really well for farewell's tequila shots. The buffet used to be $25 for 8pm - 12pm for ladies. Now, they change it to $25 for 8pm - 10pm, and $35 for 10pm - 12am T_T It's not really worth it anymore. And I guess we're also not young anymore. The night was filled with more intelligent conversation and no one really drinks that much anymore.

The proportion of the night was 5 girls 1 guy. Lucky Uncle!
Me with the Columbia girl in blue :p
The only shot of the day O.O
I seriously can't remember what was glen trying to do

These two guys have the same birthday!
And similarly, these three girls have the same birthday too!
Group Shot!
Glen is my closest grad friend, my lunch buddy for the past 5 years, and I know for sure I'm gonna miss his lame jokes T_T Wish you all the very best, Glen. I have no doubt that you'll be successful in your MBA - just remember to hire me when you're back :)

Till the next farewell post ^^;

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