Friday, June 21, 2013

PMP Exam - The Journey

The exam has been haunting me since I enrolled in April. I couldn't watch movie in peace or read novel without feeling guilty. I even swear that I wouldn't play Candy Crush until my exam finished in June. Still, my intensive study started only two weeks before the exam =_=' My manager gave me one week of study leave (he is so supportive!) which really helps me to focus.

3 months for this piece of black-white printout :s
This is my first real exam after graduation (5 years ago) and I kind of forget how to study. The last time I studied was in air-con library with friends and past-year papers. This time there is no air-con (never underestimate its value!) and I got no past-year paper to refer to. To distract me further, I got the haze and the heat and the PSI reading to catch every hour.

Despite doing 5000 questions online, I still didn't feel confident and couldn't really sleep well the day before exam ^^; Too many people know that I'm taking exam (me and my big mouth) and I have a big explanation to give if I failed after the 5 days study leave. I'm pretty sure I dreamt about 42 processes and 9 knowledge areas yesterday.

I woke up at 2am, tried to sleep again, and finally felt really sleepy at 6am ^^; I woke up anyway at 6.30am and got ready to fight the battle with a pen and a mask. The exam location was at International Plaza, thankfully very conveniently located outside Tanjong Pagar MRT.

The exam floor - quite slick huh :D
The Coffee Machine - Reminds me of the training days 3 months ago
The free goodies! The reason I love training
Despite hearing experience from different people, I didn't really have any idea how the exam process like. Once I reached the place, the person asked if I was there to take Prometric Exam. I said Yes and she then asked me to sit down at a long bench beside a room. There were few more people along with me and they were all taking different exams! Within 10 mins, I was called to go to the room (which was like an investigation room), asked to take out everything I had (even watch!) and she continued scanning me using the airport-like metal detector (if I want to cheat I also won't cheat using metal paper? but anyway). At the same place there are different monitors showing CCTV from different rooms - I guess to prove that they records people who are taking exam, so no cheating!

The set of rules to read before going in to the Investigation Room
After cleared, I was being guided to another room, which looks like an internet cafe with few cubicles and a computer at each cubicle. It's of course the exam room - I was seated at cubicle #11 and I wasn't allowed to take any picture or make any noise afterwards :x They are really quite strict about all this - we're not even allowed to bring a pen or blank paper - all are provided at the cubicle. I asked if I can bring my jacket in, she said can after a bit of hesitation, and then asked me not to take it off for the whole exam duration ^^;; Whats the logic?

I was quite surprised that I actually used up all the 4 hours provided. I finished answering all the questions in 2.5hrs, and took another 1.5hrs for review. I normally finished 200 questions within 1.5 hours and I thought I would be done with review in another half an hour. 

To make things more exciting on an already stressful exam, I stepped into the power cord during the 3rd hour and my monitor made some noise and turned black!! After 5 secs it actually turned on again by itself. For a second I thought I will have to redo the whole exam T_T I'm really not that strong.

After I clicked "Finish" on the exam, the screen went on processing mode. I was looking expectantly, holding my breath - waiting to see the result. When some text come out, it's actually a... survey form =_='' what an anti-climax! I have to finish the survey form before given the announcement. Huhu. Maybe because they afraid people will just crush the computer if they know they failed or will give bad survey. I complained anyway saying that the place is noisy (I can hear the other room giving Ms Word Training! really distracting).

I felt so relieve when I see the "Congratulations" word at the screen. I expected some music to play but nothing. As I went out, I saw some people still diligently taking the exam. Hope them all the best of luck too!

Back home, I felt quite overwhelmed - now I can do whatever I want!! Should I go watch movie, play candy crush, read novel, or eat KFC? Of all the choices I have, I ended up cleaning my room and washing toilet =_=' I'm boring like that.

Boxed-up the books for giveaway :p
I somehow felt that I'm too old for all these studying things. My heart is now too weak for exam pressure ^^; I really admire those people who can continue to study while working and taking all the various certifications. If I want to take further study, exam will be something I really have to think through before making the commitment.

For now, I'm just thankful :D


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