Saturday, June 01, 2013

I have moved!

… from occupying the whole flat in a double room to a room rental in a single room. It’s a whole new experience for me (both in term of staying with owner as well as being in a single room) and I find it a little too overwhelming.

Old Place - one day before the move
Old Place - After the move
Staying with landlord is really a big adjustment. I have heard so many scary stories about evil landlord, and I don’t believe they can be so unreasonable. Well, ours are quite OK, I think, but yeah, they have rules and regulations, limiting the freedom that we used to take for granted back then when we have the whole flat. We don’t feel comfortable using the living room anymore. Wash dishes no longer have a place in kitchen. Cloths can’t be placed at the toilet anymore. I even can’t find a place to throw the wet trash in the house, ended up having to go out every time I have something wet to throw (maybe this is for good). Things just felt so different, I ended up staring at the computer for 5 mins, not sure of what to do. It never happened to me back in the old place. Then I remember that I haven’t written anything for this week.

New Place - before unpacking
New Place - after unpacking :D
Apart from adapting to the new flatmates, the rest of the things are fine. To look at the bright side, now we don’t have to worry about cleaning up living room or kitchen. The only thing we need to take care is our room (and maybe the common toilet). They are kind enough to remove as much stuff as possible from the common toilet so that we can put ours, as well as giving us some space in the fridge.

Our brand new living room! :p See only, not really ours to use. haha
The place is much further to mrt (15mins vs 5 mins at the old place), but it’s surrounded by good eating-places and 24-hrs market just downstairs. I still miss Fair Price, but Sheng Siong will have to do for now.

Last Zhi Char we had @ Dawson Place
The  bus stop just below my block!
The famous fish head bee hoon just across the street :D
I know a lot of people like to stay in a single room. For me, after 12 years of having a roommate, I feel really, really awkward. Not a really bad feeling, but just weird that I can now switch off my light whenever I want and turn on my speaker. I’m so used to headset that I’m still using it even that I’m on single room now ^^;

Well, it will take few weeks before I started to get into the routine. For now, I’m just glad that the single most important thing remains the same. He is still around, and ready to calm me down whenever I started to get nervous. Thanks a lot :)

And oh, the Internet speed is 8 times faster than our previous one!

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