Sunday, April 14, 2013

Badminton at Jurong East Sport & Cultural Center + KFC Double Down Max!

I failed to book badminton courts at Clementi (crazy system releasing only 3 courts and it’s gone within 2 mins), so we ended up at Jurong East this week. The place wasn’t bad, but unfortunately there was some national event going on and we have to stop playing right when the clock hit 12pm T_T

Some National Woman Netball championship. We have to literally drag the guys to go
After the usual shower, we went to hunt for food. The nearest restaurant available is… what else if not the sinful KFC! I don’t know under what the logic in putting junk food beside a sport hub, but for some reasons, it works. The restaurant was quite huge, but we still had to wait for a while to get our table.

Without further delay, I ordered the thing that has been haunting my mind for the last week – Zinger Double Down Max!!

The seat meal - sin to the max!
My "Burger" for the afternoon
It tastes so good. After my second bite, I realized that they forgot to put the hash brown. So I went to the counter and asked for it. Without even looking, the manager actually thrown mine away and made a new one for me!! I was touched and felt wasteful at the same time. And guess what, this time they forgot the bacon =_=’ Winson gave me his so I didn’t go and complain again :x There are only like 4 things in the burger – what makes it so difficult to get it right? No complain about their service though. They take complain really well :p

The Gank!
It was a nice badminton and nice lunch. Netting the calories burnt and gain, I think I’m making a negative burn =.=

Still! I have no regret having the sinful burger :p

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