Monday, April 08, 2013

Experiencing the afternoon Gym at Fitness First

After many times of rain check, I finally managed to fulfill my promise to try out the afternoon classes. 

The earlier idea was to skip my usual morning class and joining the afternoon ones. My stupid bio clock finds it hard to adjust – I was wide-awake at 6am in the morning everyday. I ended up going to both morning and afternoon class.

Here was my regime:

Monday - Morning: Body Combat + 6km run, Afternoon: Body Pump
Tuesday - Morning: Pilates + 6km run, Afternoon: ABS + 1.2km run
Wednesday - Morning: Body Pump + 6km run, Afternoon: Cardio Sculpt + 1km run

I finally passed out on Thursday +_+ Still waking up early but my knee was hurting. I reached office as early as 8am and office was super empty.

Office @ 8AM in the morning - no single soul
And last but not least - Friday - Morning: 10km run.

This week, I managed to try out two new classes – ABT and Cardio Sculpt. The instructor was Ken for both classes. He was good. I couldn't believe that I actually tortured so much from all the simple moves he demonstrated ^^; It’s quite similar with the HardCore class – lots of jumping around.

I like the classes and the instructors. I must admit that the gym seems to be putting their best classes and instructors during lunchtime. I don’t mind sacrificing my lunchtime, but I really can’t stand the time and effort wasted to chop space and queue for shower. I ended up spending almost 2.5hrs for a 45mins class. For the same amount of time in the morning, I would have done all the morning business + 1 hour class + 6km + shower :p

Anyway, still nice to try! Will still do that once a while when I’m feeling crazy (lost 2 kg during the 3 days and gained it back by Friday)

Can’t believe I’m becoming a morning person,


cd said...

2kg in 3 days? @_0""
woow u really indeed have fast metabolism...wish mine is like yours ^^;

Erlin Diana said...

Easy go easy come ^^; haha... but was really tired. But I still feel running is the best way to lose weight - 20km for a kg, something like that :p

cd said...

20km?!?! @_@