Thursday, April 04, 2013

Dinner with Qiao Li @ Ichiban + Lunch with Ranga @ Swaadhisht

I love Ichiban Sushi - they served decent japanese set menu with reasonable price. The problem is, I couldn't resist ordering the biggest set meal, and ended up feeling guilty after a filling dinner ^^;

It's the same with Indian food - I love the briyani, the curry, the naan, the various veges. They are all super delicious and lots of time come as free flow. Imagine how tough it was for me to control and say no to third serving.

Delicious Ichiban Sushi Set Meal :D
So, I normally save those food for special occasion - i.e. gathering with friends or farewells. Alas, there are so many those occasions these days, I find myself eating them on DAILY basis T_T MY SCALE!! *annoyed with myself to keep rattling about weight

Anyway, lets shift our focus today to the people instead of food. I meet up with Qiao Li and Ranga this week! 

Qiao Li has started working for few weeks now, and she mentioned that she has never been so busy before ^^; ha ^^; It was really fun listening to her Japan experience (I want visit JAPAN!!!) as well as gossiping about everything under the sun (this guy is chasing that girl and this and that are getting married) Can't believe that she is still so updated with all the gossip in the bank. It was a nice instantaneous catch up - she is doing great and I really kind of miss her at the gym.

For Ranga, I have been trying to schedule a lunch since last month, and finally got a slot on 5th April. He left us back in Oct - can't believe how time flies and how much have changed since then. He is enjoying his life (as usual), and shared some tips to me and Kah Onn. I can't help missing the fun times we have before, especially when Siva and him are around. He is after all my longest serving boss :p The only person who can stand with me for more than 6 months (actually, 2 years!) over my 5 years careers.  I had a nice long lunch (2.30pm) and reached back office almost dozing off :p

People come and go in life - It's not easy to keep in touch with everyone, but I'm definitely willing to put some effort on some precious ones.

Till next catch-up (hopefully not daily!)

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