Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Happy Belated April's Fool + 2nd Book Reading Completed!

Ok, I didn't even have any concrete idea to fool anyone this year. What a shame. The only lie I told was that 1st April is Public Holiday in India, while my colleague was frantically trying to reach out to someone in Bangalore but failed. He bought that, but it's a lame prank, even to my standard.

Anyway the prank from Google didn't disappoint. I love the idea of Google Scent, Youtube Shutdown, and the cute map! Look how nice Singapore is in the Treasure Mode :D
Google Map - Treasure Hunt Mode!
Oh, to add to the lame element on this entry - I completed my 2 / 4 books as part of my New Year's Resolution. The book is - Fifty Shades of Grey!! I was really curious from the way the book was advertised and decided to give it a try. It's a super easy read compared to my first book, but not sure if I gained any knowledge that I want to share with the others.

My third book is already in progress, and I kind of forced to it rather than picked T_T Oh well, shall tell more when it's completed. I got until September to finish the book :p

Thanks to Easter or whatever happened, our TV series was kind of on hold, and we have been watching few nice movies these days - The Guillotines, The Rise of Guardians, and Wreck-It Ralph. I love Wreck-It Ralph the most! and the OST is kind of addicting.

Alright, time to sleep. Till then!

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