Monday, April 01, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Fitness First!

April 2013 marks my first year anniversary with Fitness First. I joined the gym exactly one year ago, and I can't believe how time flies.

I have been visiting the place quite regularly - maybe on the average of 15 days / month? I'm so used to the free towel, shirt, and drinks - not sure how did I manage last time carrying my own stuff :p

I really want to say that I have improved a lot throughout the year, but well, the fact is I didn't. Alright, maybe a little. I used to be running around Labrador park and skipping dinner. After I joined the gym, I have been exercising in aircon-ed and adjusted environment, as well as eating like there is no tomorrow.

That's why my fat percentage actually goes up instead of going down. Based on the BMI result, I was the fittest back in May 2013 - where my fat% was 20.8. I took my measurement today and behold - it's freaking 25.5%! *shrug. And yes, of course my weight increased like 5kg since May. And it's sad knowing that I actually worked out harder than a year ago. I really need to control my diet :(

The not-so satisfying BMI result - as of 2nd April 2013
I'm currently enjoying my free 4 months with FF - not sure yet if I'm continuing afterwards. We'll see in August!

Till then!

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