Sunday, March 31, 2013

Xi'an Food!

There are lots of food in Chinatown which I have always wanted to try, but chicken out because of the fact that I can't read & speak Chinese (and hence not sure how to order). Of course I know that I can always use sign language, but ego always got the better of me and I ended up walking home empty handed.

This time around, I went to People's Park Complex and passed through various mouth-watering Xi'an stalls. Since it's anyway near to the dinner time, I decided to gather my courage and got into some restaurant which I couldn't even read the name of.

I picked 3 dishes and the server gave a HUGE amount of it, maybe like 3 times the size of normal economical rice dishes. All for $3. They looked all spicy and oily, so I decided to get 3 mantou to go along - $2 for 3.

I went back home happily and really looking forward to dinner time. When I tasted it... well... it's as good as what I imagined it to be! Spicy and full of flavor. I have no idea what each of them called, but they are some tofu and veggies that I love max! The portion is good for two of us and we're totally full when we finished it.

Dinner for two!
I'm really glad that I tried out the food - they are cheap and good! If only I can read Chinese, maybe I would have eaten them on weekly basis (... and get fat, so maybe it's good that I couldn't read)

Till the next food adventure, Chinatown!

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