Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday's Dinner @ Spize

Ever since it was recommended by Jess for Vera's birthday, I became a loyal customer of the restaurant. Located few bus stop away our place, it's a quite convenient fix for a nice satisfying food!

Spize - The Decoration
As I'm not sure how many more time I get to patronise the place *hint hint*, I decided to capture some of my favourite there. Honestly, I was never really disappointed with their food - their food was good from briyani to tomyam to cheese fries - but few of them always comes to mind whenever I think of Spize.

Favo Drink - Grande Ice Limau - $3.8
Favo Fried Rice - Ayam Kunyit - $6.5
Favo Nasi Lemak - Ayam Kunyit - $7
Thanks for the delicious food, and hope to visit there at least one more time!

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