Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dinner with Feli @ Robertson Quay – Miharu Ramen + Swirls Bake Shop

For one reason and another, Feli and I have been missing each other since Jan! Finally, we got to free up our slot this Sunday. Since she likes Ramen a lot, I recommended my favorite ramen place – Miharu @ Robertson Quay! And when we were there, we went to the Swirls Cupcake – supposedly the best cup cake in Singapore :D

We reached the restaurant at around 5:50pm and the restaurant opened at 6:00pm. For whatever reason, the soup was way to salty! It was still hot and satisfying and I finished the whole noodle + soup, but I found myself gulping 1 liter of water when I came back ^^; Is it because we’re the first batch and hence our soup was concentrated?

Miharu - queuing at the door ^^; and we weren't the first
My Ramen of the day - Miso Tonkotsu - $13.8. The noodles and ingredients are drown in soup
I have no bad comment about the cup cake. Sweet dessert is never my favorite, but this cupcake was definitely one of the better ones I had. At the tag price of almost $5 each, it better be! 

A humble store located 5 mins from Miharu!
Their Signature - Red Velvet and The Special of the Day - Dark Chocs!
We had nice catch up and I’m glad to hear that she is coping well :D few more months until graduation. All the best!!

Till the next food hunt,

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