Wednesday, March 06, 2013

PMP Training – Session 1

I went for 3 days PMP training this week @ Cliftons, Finexis’ Building. It’s the first time I went to training center again since London, and I kind of get back the same ‘graduate’ feeling over there. Just that, well, instead of our bunch of grads, I was combined along with participants from various organizations. There are lots of Bank C and Company N there! And one from M too! :p

Cliftons Training Center!
My Second Home for the next three days
Passed by ORQ and noticed some International Woman's Week event going on
Total participants were 22. The training is split to 2 sessions, 3 days each. I decided to complete both at one go, since I’m not sure if I will be free by then. The instructor was Jacqui, flew all the way from US to teach us! The session was, uh, ok. A lot are common senses but for the purposes of the exam we are required to memorize the whole book. Seriously, 42 processes? And you need to remember what is the key ethics required for each process. Who cares whether controlling needs honesty or reliability? They need ALL! @.@ I’m so gonna cry.

Anyway, I enjoyed the time away from office. It’s fun meeting up new people and get to know how others ended up here. I even met a uni mate! And Oh, I love the Nescafé coffee machine. Who cares if it’s not real coffee bean. The taste is so good. If only our company can go and get one… I believe my productivity will increase even better (productivity to go to pantry).

Love this Machine! From Black Coffee to Milo to Tea Tarik!
Our courses ended at 5pm, and I usually spent an hour at a gym afterwards. Reached back home at around 7pm, I would then be working until 11pm. Well, yeah, I can’t get away from work, but at least I still got my training done.

We completed half of the modules – integration, scope, schedule, cost, control - and I’m looking forward to the second half next week! Risk HR, Communications, whatever it is, bring it on!

Ending the post with the food I got this week, mostly from financial district! haha.

Beef Noodle @ Amoy - $3 - Long queue! I admit it's cheap but the taste was decent
Ok, this one is just normal Cap Chai Fan from Dawson - $2.6 - it happens to get all my favourite dishes!
Thunder Tea Rice - $4.1 from Lau Pa Sat!
Nice XingHua Homemade Noodle - $10 @ Zhou's Kitchen. Reminds me of mum's noodle!
Salted Veg + Duck Leg - $4.8 from Food Style Maple Tree - Tried it for the first time and Loving it
Ready for better foo, I mean, better training next week

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