Monday, March 18, 2013

McD National Breakfast Day - Free Egg McMuffin!

Happy National Breakfast Day - whatever it's! :p The key fact is, McD is giving away free Egg McMuffin islandwide! 1,000 for each branch! The distribution starts as early as 5.00am! The cheapo in me said that I'm so gonna get it :p

Happy National Breakfast Day!
So there I went - early Monday morning. Instead of going to gym directly, I dropped by McD first to check out the event - if there was no long queue then I would get it before my gym.

Well, turn out that there was no queue at all. I must really bow down to their preparation. I went to the restaurant and get my burger within 10 secs! No question ask. Alright, there is one question, whether I wanted to top-up $2 for coffee and hash brown, which I politely said no (cheapo to the max).

At the entrance! Two people distributing coupons and two people opening the door for me
At the restaurant - All the four counters are open and ready!
Honestly, it's not much about the value of the meal, it's about the experience (trying to find excuse for myself). I really don't understand how they earn profit with free food (without any obligation to buy anything), but I think it works because I see more and more this kind of event ^^; Oh well, the customer is happy :)

Finally, a more proper breakfast :p
Happy Breakfast Day, world!

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