Monday, March 25, 2013

Birthday Lunch with Colleagues @ FatBoy Burgers

I turned 26! I'm officially in the "late twenties" category. No other rounding or mathematical illusion to deny it :(

I applied for a day off today. For no specific purpose =.='' Well, I don't think I can focus on work during my birthday, so I thought it would be better for me to avoid office all together. Make sense?

Anyway, I woke up today don't really know what to do ^^; It's Monday and everyone else is working. After rolling in the bed for 3 hours, I woke up and decided to make my way to gym (dropped by Spinelli to redeem my free coffee before that). Feel silly to be in office area during leave but it's the nearest one for me! I did treadmill for 12km, showered, and then met up with colleagues for lunch.

I'm really thankful to Glen to help me gather some people for lunch. It was a nice lunch :D We went to Fatboy burgers - I always like the place for its generous portion and affordable price. In addition, they have football channel, which is a win for the guys. And most importantly, the service is great and the place allows reservation!

Awesome Colleagues!
The restaurant changed their lunch set menu recently this March - there are now more than just burgers! Yet, I was craving for burger and hence ordered the Royal Cheese Burger. Glen ordered their Kebab and it looks really good!

The sinfully good menu! Drinks + Main + Soup for $12.5 Nett!
Tomato Soup for the day!

My sinful Royal Cheese Burger + Stella Artois Beer
To make things slightly out of control, the gang ordered a pint of beer for me O.O Beer on a sunny Monday lunch! Don't want to drink alone, I ordered another one for Kah Onn, who get bullied as much as me (if not more) for his birthday :p

With the girls!
The guys!
After a super filling lunch, it was time for... cake! It was kind of a last minute lunch call and I'm really touch that they still got a cake for me :') Thanks so much all! My tummy almost exploded after all the food and beer and coke and cake. Good that I don't have to go back to work afterwards :p

Cake! All Mine!
We went out from the restaurant at around 1.35pm. The rest go back to work while I went to gym trying to make myself sober. I stayed there until 3pm (facetime-ing with mum and sis in between), and then decided to go to Vivo for a quick window shopping. I looked around for gift ideas for my best friend's wedding, but nothing come in view T_T Guess I will get her some wine on my way to Jakarta.

Few more hours until the end of the birthday... what other things I should do? *looking at the comfy bed

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