Saturday, March 30, 2013

Buffet Lunch @ Wavve Grill + KTV @ Ten Dollars Club

The long awaited buffet is finally here! We bought the Indonesian Buffet Lunch from Groupon one month ago and I have been waiting for the day since then. It has been my motivation to gym as well :p

Based on the online review, I know that I shouldn't have too high of expectation, but I can't help to feel excited. They have chendol and bubur hitam for dessert! How bad could the buffet be?

The available items for buffet - we ordered ALL!
Well, the experience wasn't as bad as how people reviewed online. The service was quite fast. The variations were OK. The taste, however, was not special. The dishes were a bit cold and felt like coming out directly from mass catering instead of dedicated Indonesian's Kitchen.

The DIY Gado-Gado!
The table crowded with all the different dishes
Top 3 #1 Dish - Beef Rendang
Top 3 # 2 Dish - Kari Tahu
Top 3 # 3 - Tahu Telur
The only "One Time Order" Dish - Babi Kuning - Nothing Special
I thought that we'll be able to ordered at least 3  rounds, but we were hardly surviving the second round. I blame it to the age! Buffet used to feel so worthwhile. Now I feel better off with Ala Carte =.='

Happy faces after lunch :D
After a satisfying lunch, we walked to the nearby KTV for a melodical evening :p

As usual - we get the biggest room ^^; 
Tatsu was pampering us with all the Japanese snacks! Nyums! 
The Singing group
The Gaming Group 
At around 6pm, the room was suddenly dimmed, and it's time for... cake!

I wish there are less candle on the cake 
With Inche and my birthday partner
Yeah, I'm 26th! At least I'm not the only one. haha..
After the birthday celebration and cake cutting and cake eating, we continue singing until 7pm and headed for dinner together. I really love spending time with them :D If only there is long weekend every month!

Thank you all dear friends!
First post with Sony NEX-F3D :D

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