Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Early Birthday Treat @ Wild Honey, Scott Square

After a few reschedules, finally got a chance to meet up with Ari! Went to the Scott Square for dinner at Wild Honey - didn't even know such a mall existed until he told me ^^;

Wild Honey - They have another branch at Mandarin Gallery
Comfy Cafe - and the menu is all about breakfast from various countries! Quite unique!
All Day Breakfast - Norwegian!
All Day Breakfast - English!
It felt surprisingly normal to eat breakfast menu for dinner ^^; and even though I felt super full after the breakfast / dinner, I still managed to save some space for apple pie.

Hot Apple Pie with Ice Cream - blend really well!
Thanks Ari for the treat, as well the well-thought gift! :) I don't care if my birthday is not coming until next week, I am gonna start using it tomorrow!

Now I can charge my phone in office! Muahahaa!

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