Saturday, March 09, 2013

Citizenship Ceremony

After spending 3 months explaining why there is a hole on my PR Card, I finally got my Pink IC! I received the invitation back in mid Feb, for the official ceremony today. Not sure if it’s across all GRCs, but mine is for Tanjung Pagar GRC's. 

After gym, we went Buona Vista CC early and reach there at around 12.45PM. There are at least 100 volunteers for around 200 new citizens, starting from grassroots members to resident committee. After chit chatting for an hour, the event was finally started.

The direction signage! It helps!
My table, at the right side of the stage
The stage!
Me happily waiting for the buff.. I mean, the cert!
Free 5 Years Passion Card + Free 1 Month of Strait Times O.O Not bad!
There are 10 people on the table, 2 of them are from the Resident Committee, and the other 8 are new citizen, like me. I'm surprised that all of them are actually based in Strathmore O.O It means that we're all neighbour! three from India, two from China, two from Malaysia, and one from Indonesia :p

The Programme Listing!
So it started with some videos, followed by the arrival of the GOH Dr Chia Shi-Lu. After a quick 3 mins speach, he started to give out the certificates to new citizen. I was number 37, so received it quite early :p

It's official!! :D
The whole certificate ceremony lasted for half an hour, followed by pledge and singing of national anthem and... reception! Sadly it was raining and the whole place was semi-covered... so the food was semi-wet ^^;

Snacks :D
Reach back home at around 4.30pm, rest, and now getting ready for dinner :D

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Was your photo printed on the same day? or need to collect later? :)