Friday, March 22, 2013

Fire Warden Briefing @ MapleTree Multifunction Hall

It has been more than a year since I was volunteered to be a fire warden. I’m still waiting for someone to be volunteered to replace me. Until that time, I just have to make the best out of it.

Yearly briefing @ Mapletree Multifunction Hall - Always reminds me of NTU's Lecture Theather
As a fire warden, I have to regularly take note of the office register – knowing who are all within my care (especially tough when so many people come and go these days). In addition, we have to know where is the exit point, assembly point, sprinkles, and all the random important number. We have to hush everyone out of building during fire, and have to be the last to leave the building =__=’

The only perk of being a fire warden is – well – there is a free buffet after the annual briefing :p I That’s what keep me going (can’t believe I’m so easily bribed). They didn’t promote the food that much, but it’s really quite decent!

Buffet after the fire warden briefing :D
The food spread was really not bad - fish, chicken, prawn, veggies, etc.
Delicious Dumplings!
The Catering is from Rasel Catering - Might try it next time
My selection! The eclair is oh so good!
Alas I had a lunch appointment afterwards. Otherwise I would have had at least 3 portions of the food XD I still need to work on my food control.

Well-fed fire warden. Now, lets wait for the fire drill this coming Thurs,

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