Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ballet Under The Stars - Giselle

After 26 years, I finally watched my first live ballet show! To make things better, it's actually free! Thanks to Fitness First for a pair of the tickets ^^

Ballet Under The Stars - Poster @ Fort Canning Green
The first comic book I read and reread when I was 7 was Mari-Chan, which talk about the life of girl who dedicated her life for ballet. Subsequent 50+ comics I read were also about ballet, so I have a very strong feeling towards this particular dance :D I remember how I used to try following some of the steps but failed miserably XD

This is the first time I went to Fort Canning as well, and we were lost for almost half an hour around Dhoby Ghaut area trying to figure out where is the stage. The whole area is called Fort Canning and the direction wasn't really helpful (rarely happen but still!) We finally reached the place at around 5.30pm, collected the ticket, then wait for the gate to be opened at 6pm. The queue was really long by the time the gate is open.

Fort Canning Centre - We thought the place is here, but... wrong.
This is the right gate! Not even sure if it has a name
The queue of people waiting to get in, behind us! ha.
Being an ignorant newbie to this whole thing, I assumed hell lots of stuff and didn't do my research properly. For one, I didn't know that it's actually outdoor. I thought it will be at some sheltered area because it's said as rain or shine event. For second and the worse, I didn't know that we're supposed to do a picnic there!! There is no seat provided and we supposed to bring our own mat =.=' failed max. Every other people comes prepared with their own mat and delicious food (pasta, sushi, pizza, mcd, etc), and I quietly cursed myself for not researching properly.

Thankfully, we got ample of time from the chopping seat until the start of the show at 7.30pm. Winson bought some sandwich from 7-11 (which is surprisingly really delicious!) and I went to PS to bought us more snacks. We were happily full by the time the show started.

A huge mat with its own branding - our saviour! $6
The rubber band which served as re-entry ticket. Anyone wants it let me know
Our dinner ^^
First time watching performance like this :x I will prepare better next time!
The show started at 7.30pm and we're not supposed to take any pics of the show :x I know. But I can't resist. The show was so beautiful. I took few pics - hope they will forgive me. It won't impact their sales, I promised.

Act 1 - When Giselle met the Prince!
Beginning of Act 2 - Quite Scary with Giselle's ghost dancing around!
Elegant Ghosts XD
I really love Giselle by the end of the show. The performer was amazing!
I totally enjoyed my virgin ballet experience, under the stars :D It's as good as how I wish it to be. If there is next time, I would like to watch Swan Lake in Esplanade! Still waiting to do my first visit to Esplanade theatre :p

Now I feel like doing picnic again!

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